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Pipe Clamps that Prevent Disaster

With winter temperatures plummeting below freezing, pipes are known to freeze and burst. But Guardian Leak Prevention System has created a way to protect your home from burst pipes and flooding, while giving you remote access through your mobile device.


From the Chicago-based company Elexa Consumer Products, the Guardian Leak Prevention System uses sensors on pipe clamps to detect when a pipe burst and alert you immediately. This product is giving home owners total peace of mind and saving them from further damage by helping them respond to flooding in their home as soon as possible.


The Guardian Leak Prevention System is comprised of two components—a valve controller for the pipe and flood-detecting sensors. The basic starter kit for the Guardian Leak Prevention System cost $400 and includes the valve controller and three sensors. It is currently available at and Amazon, but the flood prevention product will be in select national retailers before April.


The Guardian Leak Prevention System isn’t only helpful, it’s easy to install as well. You don’t have to be a plumber or have extensive knowledge of how the pipes in your house work. The Guardian Leak Prevention System is simply just a box that clamps on to a pipe and fits over the main water valve of your home. It is designed to fit standard quarter-turn ball valves.


When the sensors detect a leak or drip, a message is sent directly to your Android or iOS device. The sensors work up to 1,000 feet away from the valve controller, or 300 feet if there is a barrier in between. When a leak or drip is detected and an alert is set, the valve controller uses a mechanized fitting on the valve handle to move it to the off position. All of this happens automatically and you’re informed about it every time.


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